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Create your own digital identity

If you can unlock a phone with your face and turn on your heating with your voice, why should you need a ticket to enter an event, a wristband to order a drink or a passport to check in? None of that will be necessary any longer, once you have your own digital ID in the FastID app.

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Fast access everywhere with your biometrics

By using your digital ID and your biometrics to provide access, FastID enables fast, easy and secure access to events, services, and locations. By using your digital ID, you:

  • You get in fast, no more waiting in long queues
  • You have all your data with you in your own mobile phone
  • You have complete control over your data

A digital, decentralised identity

Our data storage is decentralised. Your personal data is stored securely in the FastID app on your own mobile phone.

Three identification methods



Simply use your face to access services and gain entry to locations. The camera of your mobile phone or the FastID camera checks your identity and allows you to proceed.



You can also add your voice to your Digital Identity if you wish. Voice recognition is a secure and legal means of identification, for example when you’re on the phone with a call centre.



Use your mobile phone as the key or ticket to access a service or location. For example, with the FastID app you can skip the ID-check at reception and open the door of the hotel room with your mobile phone.

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Data on your phone
Temporarily in the cloud
Your data is revoked

With FastID, you regain complete control of your data

In the FastID app, you can see who has access to which data, and you can revoke that access with the touch of a button. This means you can be sure that none of your personal data is circulating freely.

Where can you use FastID?

We are adding amusementparks, hotels, gyms and many other locations and services to our network at a great pace. You can find an overview of added locations bellow. We will continue our journey to integrate more and more merchants in our platform

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you get started. Check out the questions that are frequently asked or get in touch.

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How did FastID come about?

The founders of FastID worked at the airport for years and became increasingly annoyed by all the queues, tickets and identity checks. They dreamt of being able to live and travel ‘hands-free’, with no paper tickets, plastic cards or identity passes, and with faster, easier and more secure access to events, services, and locations.

Is FastID a “formal ID”?

Yes. Your digital ID created with the FastID app is compliant with the European legislation and is therefore a valid form of identification in every European country. FastID is implemented using the latest technology and already proven in the banking and airport industries. Every company or event can check your FastID identity by simply downloading the FastID business app.

Where can I use my digital ID?

Your digital ID created with the FastID app is compliant with the European legislation and is therefore a valid form of identification in every European country. Every company or event can check your ID simply by downloading the FastID business app. We are already working together with a number of events, football clubs, gyms and hotels that have integrated FastID into their processes. Making your check-in fast and secure. We are continuing to integrate more and more businesses into our platform.

What happens if I forget my mobile phone on the day of an event, or if it isn’t charged when I need to check in?

You can check in for an event the day before it’s due to take place. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll only need to show your face in order to get through the fast lane at the event.

What makes FastID fast?

Setting up your digital ID in the app is done by scanning your passport and NFC chip that is in your passport. It checks your identity and collects your biometrics at the same time. Within 30 seconds your Identity is checked and your digital ID is created and stored on your own mobile phone. After this your mobile phone or your face, can be used to give fast events, services, and locations.

Start opening those magic doors

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