Soccer match

VIP stadium access

Game on! Your favourite football match is coming up and you and your friends plan to be there. Let's see how using the FastID fast lane could open magic doors just for you!

Booking your tickets

The first step is to get your tickets. Just go to the website of your club or ticket agency and use the QR code and the FastID app for a fast booking. Since you’ve already added all your data to your FastID account, you can book right away.

You simply temporarily share your data by identifying yourself. After one or two clicks, your ticket lands in your inbox.

It’s match day! Are you ready?

Because you’ve checked in from home, you can enter the stadium like a VIP through the fast lane. No queue, no hassle! Doors open as if by magic when you show your face. Give the other supporters in the crowded queue a friendly nod as you pass them by.

Grab yourself a burger and a drink. Queue? Cash? Why would you bother?

Just identify yourself with your face, voice or phone, grab your food and drinks, and get back to the game.

Yes, your next match could be this easy! At FastID, we’ve blended a unique combination of biometrics and technology to completely transform your experience.

Want to know more about the technology?

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Start opening those magic doors

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