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Our ambition for the future

In the years to come, our technology will completely transform the way you identify yourself on arrival at locations. It will change the way you make use of different services and the way you control your own data.


Our aim is to make life easier with less hassle. Queues, paper tickets, different accounts and cards should no longer be necessary in this day and age. We aim to offer a smarter alternative.


We like to make things easy to understand for everyone. Why should privacy policies be difficult to understand? Why should it be hard to find out who has your data? We aim to provide clarity and comprehensible language.


Our objective is to improve the security of the personal data of the consumer. It’s important for us that the consumers get back in control of their own personal data. That their personal data is no longer stored on a wide range of servers from several suppliers and merchants.

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Our story

The founders of FastID worked at the airport for years and became increasingly annoyed by all the queues, tickets, and identity checks. They dreamed of being able to live and travel ‘hands-free’, with no paper tickets, plastic cards, or identity passes, and with faster, easier and more secure access to events, services, and locations.

In today’s society, we are supporting two new trends: the social discussion about the ownership of personal data and the increasing possibilities of identification via biometrics. Blending these trends together, we came up with the idea of FastID. With FastID we aim to give consumers the ownership of their personal data back. And give them fast and secure access to events, services, and locations with biometrics.

After starting in 2021, we are rapidly adding more companies to our platform.

Our ambition crosses international borders

We are not alone in our journey to improve the privacy and protection of your personal data. Together with the Dutch investment fund Kenzoll and with the support of the Dutch government, we are implementing a digital ID solution that will be owned by consumers and citizens.

Together with our partners, we aim to put consumers back in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own identity and data. Your personal data and ID should always belong to you and not to Facebook, Google or a big bank.

Meet our team

Yamil Gil

Project Manager, Netherlands

Chrystel Credo

Country Manager, Netherlands

Joel Devaux

App developer, Czech Republic

Isabella Gomez

Project Manager, Netherlands

Bernd Kegel

Country Manager, Netherlands

Petra Johnsson

App developer, Czech Republic

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