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Get your own digital ID

FastID is a digital form of identification that enables you to get access to events, services, and locations. You can identify yourself using your phone, your voice or simply your face. It’s fast, easy and secure.

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Regain ownership of your personal data

How many times has someone made a copy of your passport or your driving licence? And where are those copies now? When you stop to think about it, the ease with which people share their personal data is almost unbelievable. FastID puts a stop to this endless sharing of data and restores your control over your own Identity and personal data.

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Provide fast access to the next generation customers

The FastID platform provides you with the opportunity to offer your services to a new generation of consumers. Consumers that don’t want to register repeatedly. A new generation that is willing to use their own digital ID and biometrics to get fast access to your services. Join the platform and lead the way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you get started. Check out the questions that are frequently asked or get in touch.

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Can I use FastID to check a customer’s COVID-19 vaccination status?

The technology we use enables us to add the proof of COVID-19 vaccination to the digital ID. This means that you can check a customer’s vaccination status when checking their digital ID, for example, in a fast lane with facial recognition. This is faster and more secure than a QR code, as your facial features cannot be copied and given to someone else.

Why do I need to do an Identity check before I can use FastID?

You only have to create your digital ID, which will act as your ‘digital passport’ and can give you access to many events, services, and locations. You need to do an identity check to comply legally. Once your digital ID is created, you can use it repeatedly for numerous services and locations. Our aim is to make life easier for you and for businesses with less registration and faster access.

How did FastID come about?

The founders of FastID worked at the airport for years and became increasingly annoyed by all the queues, tickets and identity checks. They dreamt of being able to live and travel ‘hands-free’, with no paper tickets, plastic cards or identity passes, and with faster, easier and more secure access to events, services, and locations.

What does FastID do with my data?

Nothing at all. Your data remains yours – you are in complete control. You can share it to get access to events, services, and locations, and make sure it’s deleted once you no longer want to use the service. Even we (FastID) can’t access your data. We don’t sell data and we don’t collect cookies. Instead, we ensure that your digital ID and personal data is safe and in your control. For fast and secure access with biometrics.

Why is FastID safe?

FastID is based on technology used at airports and for the onboarding of banking products. It is compliant with the high security requirements in these sectors and is tested and proven technology. We also use the latest encryption methods and only store the data on your own mobile phone. You are the only person who can access it. Our aim is to improve the security of your personal data by storing it in one place only: on your own mobile phone. This means you’ll no longer be leaving your data on a range of servers belonging to a variety of suppliers all over the Internet, with a high risk of data hacking.

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