Business trip

Fastlane traveling

It is time for your annual, monthly, or even weekly business trip, with all the associated hassles. FastID can completely transform your travel experience and make your trip faster and easier.

Book your flight faster with your digital ID

You visit the website of your preferred airline and use the QR code of their website and the FastID app to log in. Since you’ve already added all your data to your FastID profile, you can book right away.

You simply temporarily share your data by identifying yourself. After one or two clicks, your ticket lands in your inbox.

Do the “Passport check” at home

Checking in from home means you can travel ‘hands-free’ at the airport. At the Airport you can identify yourself with your face, which takes away a lot of the hassle. You don’t need to look for paper tickets, your mobile phone, and your passport. The gates will open automatically as you approach, and you identify yourself with you face.

Travel hassle free at the airport

You no longer need to show your boarding pass or membership card to enter the VIP lounge either. FastID technology connects your passport, boarding pass and membership card with your biometrics to give you easy access to many services at the airport.

Ordering a drink and pay with your face

Simply go to the bar and order your drink – by using your face or phone as your ID, you get charged directly.

Rent a car and use your mobile phone as the car key

Renting a car has never been so easy! Just go to your preferred car rental agency and use the FastID app to book your car and do the identity check. On arrival, you can go straight to your rented car and unlock it with your phone.

No more waiting at the hotel reception

Because you can check into your hotel room from home, you can skip the identity check and the queue at reception and open the hotel door right away with your mobile phone.

Yes, business travel could be this easy! At FastID, we’ve blended a unique combination of biometrics and technology to completely transform your journey.

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