Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use FastID to check a customer’s COVID-19 vaccination status?

The technology we use enables us to add the proof of COVID-19 vaccination to the digital ID. This means that you can check a customer’s vaccination status when checking their digital ID, for example, in a fast lane with facial recognition. This is faster and more secure than a QR code, as your facial features cannot be copied and given to someone else.

Why do I need to use FastID when I already have my own onboarding or identification process?

FastID offers a far more up to date method of providing access to a new generation of customers. You can use FastID in addition to your current processes, which will expand your reach with a new target audience. This audience consists of consumers that want to be in control of their own personal data and enjoy fast access to events, services, and locations using their own digital ID. They have already created their Digital ID on our platform and are looking for businesses that want to use it for a faster registration.

How did FastID come about?

The founders of FastID worked at the airport for years and became increasingly annoyed by all the queues, tickets and identity checks. They dreamt of being able to live and travel ‘hands-free’, with no paper tickets, plastic cards or identity passes, and with faster, easier and more secure access to events, services, and locations.

Why does FastID give me higher conversion for new clients than my current registration procedure?

By implementing FastID, you’ll experience a lower dropout rate with bookings or registrations. Those consumers who have already set up their digital ID will find it very easy to register or book with your service. After all, it takes just the click of a button for them to confirm their identity and share the required information. Since there’s no need to fill out long forms and share multiple ID documents, you’ll present a very attractive onboarding alternative for a new generation of consumers. Those consumers who have not yet set up their digital ID in the FastID app will discover that this is a very short, one-off process. We make every effort to ensure that the setting up process is rapid and user-friendly.

Is FastID a “formal ID”?

Yes. Your digital ID created with the FastID app is compliant with the European legislation and is therefore a valid form of identification in every European country. FastID is implemented using the latest technology and already proven in the banking and airport industries. Every company or event can check your FastID identity by simply downloading the FastID business app.

Where can I use my digital ID?

Your digital ID created with the FastID app is compliant with the European legislation and is therefore a valid form of identification in every European country. Every company or event can check your ID simply by downloading the FastID business app. We are already working together with a number of events, football clubs, gyms and hotels that have integrated FastID into their processes. Making your check-in fast and secure. We are continuing to integrate more and more businesses into our platform.

How does FastID optimise my internal processes and lower my costs?

Because FastID works by having consumers that provided consent to use their digital ID and biometrics to gain access to your services, you can automate your access processes and reduce your staff. Consumers can access your event, service and location simply by looking into the FastID camera or by using their phone. That eliminates the need for reception staff or additional people to carry out ticket and identity checks.

Is FastID compliant with GDPR and other European legislation?

Yes. With the FastID technology your registration is compliant with the GDPR, eIDAS and the latest European legislation. It’s not only more compliant than most of the current registration and access methods, it’s also future-proof due to its compliance with the new European standards such as Self Sovereign IDentity.

What happens if I forget my mobile phone on the day of an event, or if it isn’t charged when I need to check in?

You can check in for an event the day before it’s due to take place. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll only need to show your face in order to get through the fast lane at the event.

What makes FastID fast?

Setting up your digital ID in the app is done by scanning your passport and NFC chip that is in your passport. It checks your identity and collects your biometrics at the same time. Within 30 seconds your Identity is checked and your digital ID is created and stored on your own mobile phone. After this your mobile phone or your face, can be used to give fast events, services, and locations.

How long does it take to create a digital ID?

About 30 seconds. All you need to do to create your digital ID is to scan your passport and the NFC chip in your passport. A selfie is made to check your identity and you are done! You’re ready to use your digital ID.

What happens when I lose my mobile phone?

You don’t have to worry. Your FastID data is stored in a secure area of your mobile phone and is encrypted. Even if someone breaks through your mobile phone’s security, your identity remains secured by your biometrics or your password. Because the data is stored encrypted on this phone, you will have to create a new digital ID when you get a new phone.

How does FastID improve my privacy?

Naturally, you should be the one to have ownership of your personal data and identity – not the big companies. When you use FastID we store your ID and personal data encrypted on your own mobile phone. This means you’re the only person who can access it. It’s the perfect way to take back ownership of your data. When you make a booking with FastID, you only share the information that is legally required for that purpose. The FastID app also enables you to keep track of all your registrations and to get an overview of the organisations with who you’ve shared your data with. By clicking on the GDPR button in the FastID app, you can send a legally valid request to delete all your data held by the company with who you’ve shared it.

Why do I need to do an Identity check before I can use FastID?

You only have to create your digital ID, which will act as your ‘digital passport’ and can give you access to many events, services, and locations. You need to do an identity check to comply legally. Once your digital ID is created, you can use it repeatedly for numerous services and locations. Our aim is to make life easier for you and for businesses with less registration and faster access.

What does FastID do with my data?

Nothing at all. Your data remains yours – you are in complete control. You can share it to get access to events, services, and locations, and make sure it’s deleted once you no longer want to use the service. Even we (FastID) can’t access your data. We don’t sell data and we don’t collect cookies. Instead, we ensure that your digital ID and personal data is safe and in your control. For fast and secure access with biometrics.

Why is FastID safe?

FastID is based on technology used at airports and for the onboarding of banking products. It is compliant with the high security requirements in these sectors and is tested and proven technology. We also use the latest encryption methods and only store the data on your own mobile phone. You are the only person who can access it. Our aim is to improve the security of your personal data by storing it in one place only: on your own mobile phone. This means you’ll no longer be leaving your data on a range of servers belonging to a variety of suppliers all over the Internet, with a high risk of data hacking.

How does it work for my current and new customers?

Both current and new customers can download the app and set up their digital ID in order to get access to your fast lane. By offering access by means of FastID, your company will present an attractive option for the next generation of consumers. These consumers want to retain control over their data and enjoy fast access to events, services, and locations by using their digital ID.