Events & locations

Easy access to the main attraction

Getting into an event or location should be the most uneventful part of a visitors’ experience. With FastID, you will be able to improve access throughout your venue and allow the crowds to flow freely. Our platform enables you to reduce bottlenecks, enhance security and improve monitoring, all at the same time.

A smooth flow of visitors

Less queuing, less stress, less hassle. Let the people go with the flow!

A fast lane for all

Allow your visitors to enter your event or location without showing their tickets or identification. With FastID, doors open instanty after scanning a phone or a face. Visitors share their data only temporarily, in full compliance with privacy regulations. By giving every visitor fast lane access to the excitement, customer experience will improve immediately.

  • No need to bring tickets or ID’s
  • Less waiting, greater customer experience
  • Fully compliant with privacy regulations

Free up staff, enhance security

By eliminating the need to check tickets and ID’s, your staff is freed up to enhance security and improve the experience elsewhere. Furthermore, FastID gives you new options to monitor the crowd and leaves little room for frauds and fakes.

  • Free up security staff
  • Leave no room for frauds and fakes
  • Monitor the crowd more effectively

Gain access to new services

From VIP-lanes to skyboxes and lounges: FastID enables you to improve acces to a great selection of services and areas.
Gone are the days of tickets, wristbands and keychains. Upon entering your event or location, visitors can enjoy their additional purchase without the need to go through extra steps.

  • No extra steps for additional purchases
  • Easy access to services and locations
  • No more wristbands, tickets and keychains

Our current pilots

“Since we’ve integrated FastID into our hotels, we’ve been able to deliver a better experience for our guests, while cutting down on the costs. Working with the FastID team has been very insightful and pleasant. We’re looking forward to develop and implement more features to improve our business.”

Krista Andel, Penta Hotel @ Prague


We are able to connect to your existing systems

Event & location loyalty programs

FastID provides loyal visitors with quick access to areas like skyboxes.

Proof of vaccination

Verify someone’s travel pass or vaccination status with FastID.

Smart gates

Use FastID’s FacePass or PhonePass to operate smart gates at airports and stadiums.

Loyalty programs

FastID upgrades loyalty programs by improving speed and security.


From tickets and vouchers to passports: FastID verifies everything at once.

VIP access

FastID opens fast lanes to VIP lounges and exclusive areas.

Registration process

FastID’s one-time online registration replaces manual identification and verification systems and processes.

Ticketing systems

Integrate FastID with ticketing systems or platforms to prevent fraud and enhance access to events and locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you get started. Check out the questions that are frequently asked or get in touch.

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Why do I need to do an Identity check before I can use FastID?

You only have to create your digital ID, which will act as your ‘digital passport’ and can give you access to many events, services, and locations. You need to do an identity check to comply legally. Once your digital ID is created, you can use it repeatedly for numerous services and locations. Our aim is to make life easier for you and for businesses with less registration and faster access.

What does FastID do with my data?

Nothing at all. Your data remains yours – you are in complete control. You can share it to get access to events, services, and locations, and make sure it’s deleted once you no longer want to use the service. Even we (FastID) can’t access your data. We don’t sell data and we don’t collect cookies. Instead, we ensure that your digital ID and personal data is safe and in your control. For fast and secure access with biometrics.

Why is FastID safe?

FastID is based on technology used at airports and for the onboarding of banking products. It is compliant with the high security requirements in these sectors and is tested and proven technology. We also use the latest encryption methods and only store the data on your own mobile phone. You are the only person who can access it. Our aim is to improve the security of your personal data by storing it in one place only: on your own mobile phone. This means you’ll no longer be leaving your data on a range of servers belonging to a variety of suppliers all over the Internet, with a high risk of data hacking.

How does it work for my current and new customers?

Both current and new customers can download the app and set up their digital ID in order to get access to your fast lane. By offering access by means of FastID, your company will present an attractive option for the next generation of consumers. These consumers want to retain control over their data and enjoy fast access to events, services, and locations by using their digital ID.

What can we do for you?

We’re happy to show you the benefits of integrating Fast ID into your business. Give us a call, or let us call you back.

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